The ride is a loop starting and finishing in Waxahachie, TX.   The route starts in the flat farmland South of Dallas, and heads into the Texas Hill Country, from there we’ll pass through some cattle land and head to the East Texas Piney Wood Forests and then back to the start. With some early spring rain, the wild flowers should be in full colorful bouquets.

These are route files for the Texas Rando Stampede 2016. Expect changes.  As always, these files come with the caveat that they are not official.  The only official route maps or cue sheets are those provided at the start of the randonnee.  While we will endeavor to keep this information current, late changes may occur.  You are responsible for following the route as distributed at the ride start.

 Please note: The provided cue sheet is provided for rider convenience in planning their ride. Minor changes may be made between now and the ride start. As always, the official cue sheet is the one provided at the ride registration.

Route Profiles

So, how much climbing is there on the Texas Rando Stampede route?  Well, we don’t have any big mountains nearby, so there’s no long climbs, but there’s plenty of rolling hills to keep you busy.


This cue sheet is accurate, however the final version will be handed out at the event.

2016 Stampede 1200 & 1000K Cue 5-6-16

GPS FOR 2016 Texas Rando Stampede

DAY #1:

DAY #2:

DAY #3:

DAY #3 Detour:

DAY #3 1000K:  :

DAY #4:  :


Cue Sheet from 2013
GPS From 2013 Texas Rando Stampede
Provided by Bob Riggs and Pam Wright