For those arriving in Waxahachie early looking for something to do, there are several tours available.  Scans of the tour brochures are at the bottom of this page.  However, better copies may be obtained from the Waxahachie Visitor Center and Museum downtown.

Waxahachie is noted for old and historic buildings and houses.  There are brochures available for a downtown walking tour and a driving tour.  These brochures, minus some pictures, are below in pdf format.  The tours start near the Visitor Center/ Museum downtown, and if you are interested in reading all the details, step into the Visitor Center and pick up the actual brochures, which will be a little easier to read.  The Walking Tour scan is formatted for 8-1/2″x14″ paper, and the Driving Tour scan is formatted for 8-1/2″x11″.  The East and West driving tour scans are opposite sides of the same fold-out brochure.  The brochures may also be available at the Chamber of Commerce (YMCA Avenue off of Hwy 77 up north of town) or at local businesses downtown.




We have not had a chance to pre-ride these routes, so you may find some rough roads or other hazards.

There are signs marking the driving tour routes, but they may be difficult to follow without a brochure.  West Driving Tour signs are brown, East Driving Tour signs are green.

Generally, houses and businesses with historical markers are still privately owned and occupied, and are not typically available for tours.

The east driving tour is about 4 miles and the west tour is about 7 miles.

The best bicycle route from the La Quinta Inn to downtown is to take Stadium Drive southeast to Brown Street, take Brown Street south to a tee at Marvin Ave., go half a block west to N. Rogers Street, and continue south on it.  The Museum and Visitor Center are across the street from the courthouse, on the southeast side, at College and Franklin.